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I am a very greatful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ who set me free from my involvement with the New Age, Transcendental Meditation, as well as Channeling back in 1991.

Shortly after a powerful revelation and vision of His Cross and suffering as well as His Love for all Mankind, the Lord also revealed and allowed me to experience the Biblical place called Hell, that put me trembling in His Presence on the floor of the room my wife named the Zen Den while begging for His forgiveness of the Sins that He was revealing to me during that experience.
He also so made it very clear that it was He through an Angel that was keeping me alive during my years of of foolishness, accidents, and suicide attempts during a long period of hopelessness, depression, and self pity.
Immediately after I became reborn, Jesus began showing me through His Word as well as visions and dreams, the end of all things.. that is Satan’s and Man’s rebellion on this Earth.
What we are witnessing in the News as well as articles on line concerning the New World Order [World Government] and the unification of Nations and Religions of the World through Utopian dreamers being led by Satan and his wicked cohorts, is nothing less than a counterfeit false kingdom of men, that Jesus Christ with all His Saints are going to destroy at His Second Coming. It is a snare and trap for human souls in this very late hour, as Satan gathers Mankind in a last ditch attempt to destroy Israel and God’s plan of His Kingdom to come, His Will be done on this Earth as it is in Heaven.
We glean understand and truth through God’s Word that there will be no lasting Peace on Earth, until Jesus Christ Personally returns to bring it. As we can see in His Word that He shall rule from Jerusalem “ALL NATIONS WITH A ROD OF IRON!”
At that time there will be no Appeals Courts DNA testing or Retrials. Christ’s Word as well as the Word of His Saints who will serve Him in Righteousness and Truth will be final during the Lords Millennial Reign on Earth. ┬áIt is going to be the most peaceful and beautiful thing witnessed by those who are Blessed to partake, since before the fall of our Grand Parents Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago!
My hope and prayer is that many precious Souls that are not in Christ would come to the realization of God’s indescribable Love for us all that was demonstrated when He Himself took on Human Flesh in the Person of Christ Jesus and voluntarily went to a very cruel Roman Cross two thousand years ago for all so that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
It’s late. Very late, and I’m reminded of the little writing on the right side mirror of our vehicles….